Monday, 11 October 2010

Magazine cover research

In this Empire magazine cover featuring the Dark Knight, you can see straight away that it features the on of the main, recognizable/memorable character from the film as the focal point of the cover. Other conventions that the cover follows are the bar-code in the corner, price and issue date, title of the magazine in bug font and the title of the main featured film in a big font as well. Other things that the cover features are the other articles that are inside the magazine in smaller font.

This cover goes against some of the normal conventions of covers. This is because the picture featured is of Harry Potter, however there is no big font about Harry Potter being featured like in other covers, instead is has a smaller font with a star next to it. This might be because Harry Potter is so universally well known and does not need a huge font to show what it is. There is also another small picture featured which also challenges regular covers. Other then that the rest of the cover follows normal conventions including bar-code, price, issue date, title of the magazine at the top in bug font and other articles that are featured inside.

This magazine cover features Inception, with this cover the theme of inceptions trailers and films is carried through to the magazine cover, this has been done by using the background as the recognizable city scape from a birds eye view. Other than this it is similar to other covers, apart from the skewed affect on the text showing what articles are featured on the inside, this effect draws the eye towards the main focal point of the cover which is a picture of the main character from the film. Also featured is a bar-code, price and issue date and titles of the main film and the magazine in big font standing out.

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