Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Feedback on product

We created a questionnaire for our target audience to give us feedback on our finished trailer.

Age: 17
Favourite genre:
Did you enjoy the trailer?
Was the music chosen suitable for our trailer?
What was good and what was bad about our teaser trailer?
Does the trailer build tension/suspense?
Did the trailer have good continuity?
How smooth were the transitions between shots (1- not smooth / 5 - very smooth)
Did the trailer use a range of camera angles and camera shots?
Were the props used suitable?
Are there any improvement you would make to the trailer?

From the questionnaire we found that everyone enjoyed the trailer, all the people who viewed the trailer found the music was suitable, most people thought the music worked well to create suspense along with the quickly changing shots.

However the majority of people found the film trailer made little sense and the voiceover was slightly muffled. They found the trailer had good continuity and rated the transitions at a 4/5 on average. Most people thought we used enough camera shots and angles, they also liked the car as a prop. The common improvement came up as making the trailer make more sense and the typography of the titles.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Finished trailer

Here is the final draft. We have added a release date at the end of the trailer and have again changed the the timing and volume of the music over the dialogue.

Whilst filming, we tried to include some of the conventions of teaser trailers we had discovered from our research, into our own project.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Magazine Cover

Here is our film magazine cover. By looking at other film magazines we were able to include features that made those covers a success, into our own project.

Some of the most common conventions used in film magazine front covers included:

1) A main feature film covering most of the magazine cover.
2) The title of the magazine being clearly displayed and the price of the magazine made clear somewhere on the cover.
3) Other articles within the magazine either being displayed down the side of the cover or at the bottom of the cover.

We believe by including these conventions in our own magazine cover it has helped it to look realistic and professional.