Friday, 8 October 2010

Poster Research

Inception Movie Poster

The poster features the title of the film, which is the biggest text on the whole poster, it also features the movie's tagline. The main focus of the poster is the main character from the film. Other things that the poster includes are references to actors in the film, to attract audiences to the big names, it also features another successful film that the derector has done. At the very bottom it has the billing block that says which film company the film is owned by and all of the directors producers and actors that star in the film and also has the studios logo. The main focus of the poster is a picture that relates to the movie and features the main character.

The Bourne Identity Movie Poster

In this poster from The Bourne Identity the main character of the film is featured and is the main focal point of the whole poster, the title of the film is also featured and is the biggest text in the poster to make it easily readable, the tagline of the film is also featured in small text on the left again allowing the audience to have a glimpse of the storyline. In this poster the billing block has been put in the bottom corner rather than taking up the whole bottom of the poster. But it features all of the main information and logos as normal. The poster also features images from the film in the background to give more of a taster to the audience of the film.

Shutter Island Movie Poster

This movie poster is very dark, this gives off a very mysterious and dark feel to the poster and sets the scene for the film. The only light in the whole poster is from the match that the main character is holding, this shows half of the characters face. The main character is featured in the poster and again is the main focus point of the poster. The title is also the biggest writing on the page and again there is a billing block at the bottom featuring all the information on the production of the film with the logos of the companies involved. The poster also contains the tagline of the film which adds an element and taste of what the film will be about.

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  1. you need to link these poster analysis to your own productions - discuss the codes and conventions of these and which ones you will use in your productions. Also link to genre and audience appeal.