Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Idea

Heavy Rain (Console Game)

Heavy Rain teaser trailer

Sliding Doors

After another long discussion and some research on more films we decided to change our idea again. This time we wanted to create a thriller style film that would hinge on the decisions the character makes and how these decisions would create separate paths in the characters life.

These two examples represent the type of film we would like to create. Heavy Rain is a console game that takes different paths depending on the decisions that the player makes throughout the game. This means that there are multiple different endings that are possible within the game.

Sliding doors is another example that we could take inspiration from. Although this film is a romantic comedy/drama the story line is what we were inspired by. The film all hinges on whether the characters in the film either catches a train or doesn't and how that one decision changes the future.

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  1. You have posted loads of trailers but you REALLY need to begin some analysis on these. Audience, representation, Form, Genre, Ideology, Institution etc etc. Do it now before you get too far behind