Sunday, 5 September 2010

Film trailer research

The Expendables

Shutter Island

The Book of Eli

All of these action/thriller trailers follow a similar function. They all vary in pace, there are slow parts which build the tension within the audience and then there is a burst of quickfire action scenes, usually filled with the most action packed parts of the film. The trailers then usually slow down before the end to let the quick burst of action settle in the audiences mind.

These action trailers also usually fade to black inbetween the different shots in the trailer. This is becuase black is portrayed as a dark and mysterious colour and creates tension, where as white is used in lighter films, such as Romantic Comedies.

We have decided that to create an action film trailer on such a low budget would not really work, as the action in the trailer would not live up to any of the other trailers above as we do not have the funds to make sets and we do not have any special effects to work with. We have decided to focus more on a thriller or horror genre trailer, this is becuase we have found a lot of horror films that have been filmed on a budget and feel that we could create a good trailer for the genre.

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