Sunday, 2 January 2011

Production and editing

The project was filmed over 2 days. By planning each day of filming and by using the checklists, we were able to get straight into filming on both days.

We worked well as a team by each having a role to play; Me being the actor, with Adam and Tim being the camera/sound men. We were able to use some of the skills and camera shots we used in are AS project,as well as some new shots; to show how we have developed our media skills.

We used the 180 degree rule and shot reverse shot methods in our trailer. An example of the shot reverse shot, is when Valeo is looking at the grave stone in the grave yard; it then cuts to a medium shot of him from distance and then back to a over the shoulder shot of him looking at the grave again.

Overall, both days of filming were successful. This year we used iMovie on the Mac's to edit our trailer part of the project. This made the editing process much easier compared to last year when we had to use Adobe premier which constantly crashed.

I combined my ICT and graphics skills to create a magazine front cover and film poster which we are really pleased with. By looking at other film posters and magazine covers we able to incorporate the same features that made those posters and covers successful into our project; to hopefully make our project a success as well.

We were really pleased with the soundtrack we found, which we felt fitted our movie perfectly. Our target audience research stated that a good physiological thriller must create suspension and tension and we believe the soundtrack on our trailer helps do this; by having dynamic volume changes to keep the viewer on edge and by being fast paced.

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